Interview Series

We are delighted to debut the a series of 10 WEE Forum Interviews, highlighting several conference themes from financial inclusion to technology to scaling social empowerment.

Cindy Drakeman

CEO, DoubleXEconomy

What is the significance of the theme “Women’s Economic Empowerment,” and why is it important to you personally?

Anna Mecagni

Director Program Design and Development, Women for Women International

What distinguishes the challenges women face in the pursuit of financial inclusion?

Wade Channell

Senior Economic Growth Advisor, USAID

What drives you most to fight for Women’s Economic Empowerment?

Sarah Hendriks

Director of Gender Equality, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

How can the fight for Women’s Economic Empowerment be scaled beyond market and economic programming to the wider global community?

Anna-Karin Jatforts

Deputy Regional Director, UN Women

How does current legislation impede Women’s Economic Empowerment and what amendments can be implemented to correct this, especially in developing countries?

Naila Kabeer

Professor of Gender and Development, London School of Economics

What is the greatest challenge currently preventing economic equality for women?

Wendy Gonzales

Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Samasource

How can the technology and private sectors contribute to the fight for Women’s Economic Empowerment and poverty alleviation?

Moinuddin Rahgir

Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary, bKash Limited

What systems can be implemented to create an ideal enabling environment that increases women’s access to and use of technology?

Junayed Jamal

Program Manager, The Asia Foundation

What are the best entry points in an existing market system for introducing behavior change?