Webinar Series

Webinar 1: Chicken or Egg? Prioritizing Direct Interventions vs. Changing Social Norms

Date: June 28, 2017

Time: 9:30am EDT

This webinar focused on Theme 2 of the 2017 Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Learning Forum, Employment Opportunities through Enterprise Development and Job Creation, and explored various approaches to women’s empowerment. Participants learned about the challenges and opportunities various skills and enterprise development programs face when implementing projects that seek to change gender relations. We focused on the intersect between direct interventions and broader activities that aim to tackle social norms, highlighting lessons from the field, including India and Zambia.

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Webinar 2: A Debate: Closing the DFS Gender Gap

Date: August 29, 2017

Time: 9:30am EDT

This webinar will focus on Theme 3, Women’s Financial Inclusion: Leveraging Finance to Advance Women’s Empowerment, and will replicate a Peer Learning Session debate held by Grameen Foundation on the best way the close the digital financial services (DFS) Gender Gap. One side will offer the proposition that digital platforms allow for more specialized and focused financial products. Using behavioral economics, our sector should focus on developing products that meet the specific needs of women and the way they manage money. The con side will argue that financial products are all similar, and what we need to focus on is greater financial and digital literacy and increasing equitable household relations.

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Webinar 3: Transforming Gender Inequality through Inclusive Dairy Value Chain Development

Date: September 26, 2017

Time: 9:00am EDT

CARE Bangladesh will host a webinar on Theme 1, The Rural Poor: Women’s Empowerment on and off the Farm, sharing its unique experience and learning from Strengthening Dairy Value Chain Project. The webinar will replicate a forum Peer Learning Session, aiming to share insights on the status of gender inequality in dairy-based market system and how an enterprise-led dairy-hub model can make it gender inclusive. Participants will include BRAC Dairy, a leading dairy processor in Bangladesh, also SDVC project partner, to share their experience of transforming the core business model, and Oxfam Bangladesh, to reflect on their learning on promoting women’s economic leadership from their dairy value chain work in Bangladesh.

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